The King Richard Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to serving individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders, and other Developmental Disabilities and their families.
About the Foundation
Our primary purpose is to provide support to low  income families of individuals living with Autism and other       Developmental Disabilities through funding projects that provide family support, education and recreational opportunities that would not otherwise be available to these individuals and their families.   The goal is to promote awareness of the challenges of living with autism and other Developmental Disabilities and support to these families that will improve their quality of life.
Our mission is to support low income families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders by raising and allocating funds that will enable these individuals to participate in education, therapeutic and recreational programs.  We are committed to increasing  awareness within the community of the challenges faced by individuals living with Autism and to helping families find resources to help them address those challenges.  We provide individuals with Autism and their families an opportunity to improve their quality of life by funding these programs.